Saint Trivelius Institute

Saint Trivelius Institute

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The St. Trivelius Institute offers Christian educational programs for people from all walks of life. The primary goal of the school is to teach each subject offered from a Christian perspective and to train graduates to apply Christian principles in the context of their every day lives.

The St. Trivelius Institute is the leading inter-denominational theological training school in Bulgaria. Established in 2010, St. Trivelius is the successor organization to the Bulgarian Biblical Academy “Logos” and the United theological Faculty of the Bulgarian Theological theological Institute.

St.Trivelius offers programs for students at all levels, including Bachelors and Masters Degrees, multi-year diplomas and single year certificates.

The school is located in downtown Sofia, Bulgaria, with satellite centers operating around the country.

Salt Ventures and the St. Trivelius Institute

Salt Ventures is a founding partner of the St. Trivelius Institute. We provide leadership assistance, fundraising, teaching and administrative support to the school.

For more information about St. Trivelius or opportunities to participate through Salt Ventures, please contact us.

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