Salt Ventures Distinctives

saltventures distinctives

There are thousands of Christian organizations around the world faithfully working to fulfill the great commission to “make disciples” of all nations. Each one embodies a unique personality derived from historical connections, work ethic, worship styles, theological commitments and other important traits. The spectrum of Christian activity is so broad, from one end to the other it is sometimes difficult to recognize the family resemblance of God’s children.

Taken together, these widespread efforts towards a common task demonstrate the essential unity of the Christian faith and its message of love and reconciliation for all people. Studying them individually highlights the tremendous diversity of the church and its ability to reach out in countless creative ways to people in need of a savior.

Salt Ventures stands firmly in the tradition of biblical Christianity, confident that there is no greater work than to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and invite other people to follow him. We recognize the unity of all Christian churches and organizations with whom we share this great calling.

Salt Ventures recognizes several distinct features in our lives and work that combine to inform our unique personality as an organization. We do not pretend that these make us better than anyone else; they are simply what make us who we are:

Holistic Witness:
We endeavor to live lives worthy of our calling as Christians in our communities, at work and in our homes.

Servant Hearts:
We submit to local church leaders and work for them; we do not work independently of the local, indigenous church.

Inhabiting Secular Spaces:
We live within local culture, integrating as much as possible into the fabric of society. This enables us to reach out beyond the boundaries of the visible church, showing in a real and natural way how life is different when you live to follow Christ.

Commitment to Local Churches:
We are committed to active participation in the life of a specific local church as God’s chosen instrument for worship, fellowship, encouragement and the personal growth of his people. We strive to demonstrate unity, faithfulness and a willingness to do our part as responsible members of the church community, including service in church ministries and leadership roles when appropriate or necessary.

Openness towards Other Christian Traditions:
We know we are not alone on the journey of faith, and respect those who follow other traditions within Christianity including Orthodox, Roman Catholic and other Protestant believers.

Organizational Flexibility:
Each person and situation is unique, presenting its own issues and opportnities for work. We do not try to squeeze every person into a mold of our making. Rather, we offer maximum flexibility within the bounds of our evangelistic purposes and commitment to good stewardship, counting on the good Christian character of our members and friends to rejoicing together in how the Lord leads each of us, and acccepting personal differences without judging each other needlessly.

Inclusive Teams Approach:
All Salt Ventures personnel are members of a local team. We encourage teamwork with other international organizations, local groups and individuals, for both short term and long term projects. At a minimum, teams are important and necessary for fellowship and prayer. We do our best to encourage open and honest communication, prompt resolution of disagreements, and an environment of mutual encouragement and respect.

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