Balkan Summers Service Opportunity

balkan summers internship program

What are you doing next summer? Why not join us in the Balkans Summers Internship Program for up to two months making a meaningful difference in the lives of children who need help.

The Balkan Summers Internship is an opportunity for passionate, motivated individuals to gain volunteer experience serving children and families in the Balkan region. Interns join an international team planning and implementing community programs and summer camps in partnership with the PINK Program, a life transformation program for children at risk.

Interns live in the towns where they serve, allowing them to connect with communities, staff, children and parents in meaningful ways. They also travel with kids to camps and service projects around the region.

The ideal candidate enjoys people and functions well on a team, has interest in exploring new languages and cultures, and is comfortable working in an environment where patience, flexibility and creative problem solving are important aspects of everyday life.

Balkan Summers Internships are available for high school graduates ages 18-25. For more information, contact us.

Make New Friends

Many Hands Make Light Work

Challenge Yourself

Learn and Use New Skills

Share Your Gift

Make a Diffference

Job responsibilities:

  • Organize activities for children, including sports, crafts, music, etc.
  • Lead conversational English clubs for children and youth.
  • Support municipal day programs for underprivileged kids.
  • Collect and analyze opinion data for use in assessment, planning and development of new program elements.
  • Organize and chaperone regular outings and excursions for PINK program participants.
  • Writing for the PINK website and posting to blogs and other social media.

What we look for in successful interns:

  • People who love children.
  • Desire to work in a team and get to know people from other cultures.
  • A strong sense of personal responsibility and individual initiative.
  • Flexibility and patience to work creatively to make the most of every situation.
  • Candidate for a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, or a recent graduate.

What you get as a Balkan Summers Intern:

  • Immersion in an exciting language and culture.
  • Growing individually while part of a dynamic team.
  • Cultivation of interpersonal and cross cultural skills.
  • Teaching experience.
  • Enhanced understanding of global issues.
  • Development of management and planning skills.
  • A chance to initiate your own research (permission required)
Balkan summers internship program

Program Cost and Timing

The Balkan Summers Internship runs on a flexible schedule from June 1 to August 10 and carries a fee of $3450 (U.S. Dollars) payable in advance to Salt Ventures NFP.

This cost includes:

Housing and local transportation
Program materials
Cultural orientation
Group excursions
Survival language training (on arrival)
Regular language lessons
Research help and other academic assistance

It does not include:

Airfare to and from Sofia, Bulgaria.
Food (except for during camps)
Pocket money
Health and Travel Insurance

Assuming discount airfare and careful budgeting, the additional travel and living expenses typically amount to about $1500 (US) We can help you acquire reasonably priced airline tickets and provide advice for budgeting while in the Balkans.

Health and Travel Insurance are required. We recommend you check for coverage through family and school health plans, which sometimes offer low or no cost riders for international travel. If these are not an option, we can help you find an appropriate low cost policy to cover your stay in the Balkans.

Total Cost of the Balkan Summers Internship

Balkan Summers Interns can expect a total cost of about $5000-$5500 (U.S Dollars).

Academic Credit

Many schools offer credit for summer experiences related to your field of study. If you want to gain credit for your work in the Balkans, please contact your academic advisor to determine your program requirements, then let us know what they are so that we can help you complete them during your internship. We are happy to help!


To Apply Please request an application by email or apply online at the Salt Ventures website. Applicants are considered on a first come / first served basis until all positions are filled.