Salt Ventures FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about Salt Ventures, you’ve come to the right place! These frequently asked questions are organized under easy to choose tabs for each topic.

Q: What are the vision and mission of Salt Ventures?

A: The vision of Salt Ventures is to live in a world full of vibrant, self-supporting, self-reproducing Christian communities who enjoy the favor of all the people.
Our mission is to promote evangelism and disciple-making through local churches by helping them to inhabit secular spaces for Christ in the community, the workplace and among the poor.

Q: How does Salt Ventures perform its work?

A: Salt Ventures uses a variety of means to achieve our evangelistic goals. Our primary activity is placing full and part time workers in secular settings where they can demonstrate their faith and witness to other people. We also partner with other organizations to develop appropriate settings for training, fellowship and service through which to share the Christian faith, and actively serve in these environments to be change agents in society.

Q: What makes Salt Ventures distinct from other mission agencies?

A: There are many facets that go into the description of any particular organization. Some of the more significant distinctives of Salt Ventures are our focus on inhabiting secular spaces for Christ, our commitment ot serving local churches, our openness to different Christian traditions, and our flexibility towards individual workers and their specific needs.

Q: Why does Salt Ventures refer to “service” and “servants” so often?

A: It is easy for Christians to talk about servanthood, but much more difficult to put into practice. This is particularly so when placed in situations in which we are better trained or have more experience than our national colleagues. As a result, we need to constantly remind ourselves of our proper place in the sphere of the national churches: foreign workers are guests, invited to serve, not masters sent to command.

Q: Who can join Salt Ventures?

A: Salt Ventures is open to all candidates who can honestly assent to our Statement of Faith. Beyond that basic requirement, each individual must possess the appropriate talents and abilities necessary for the particular task they are interested in pursuing with us.

Q: What is an “embedded servant?”

A: Embedded servants are missionaries placed by Salt Ventures in secular spaces where they are accountable to a secular organization for regular, paid work. This reinforces integration into society and places the missionary on a more equal footing with the nationals who they are trying to reach with the Gospel. It is also a useful example for national believers, demonstrating for them the possibility of living an active Christian life while remaining employed in the secular realm.
Living as an embedded servant also provides the missionary unique insights into the difficulty of living as a Christian in these secular spaces, which is vital for understanding the daily lives of national believers and for setting appropriate expectations for church ministry.

Q: Are donations to Salt Ventures tax deductible?

A: Yes. Donations to Salt Ventures are tax deductible in the United states. Salt Ventures NFP is a a tax exempt non-profit corporation registered in the State of Illinois and approved by the IRS under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. You can view our IRS exemption letter or download a copy for your records.
For information regarding tax advantaged donations in other countries, please contact us.

Q: How do I make a cash donation to Salt Ventures?

A: You can make a US tax deductible gift to Salt Ventures immediately online through our electronic donation portal. Instructions for making other kinds of cash donations can be found in the Give section of this website.

Q: How do I make a gift of stock or other assets to Salt Ventures?

A: For instructions how to give a gift of stock or other non-cash assets, please email us for help.

Q: What happens to donations given to Salt Ventures? How is the money put to use?

A: All donations become the property of Salt Ventures and are held exclusively for use to fulfill our charitable purposes in accordance with IRS provisions for non-profit organizations registered under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue code. Funds are under the control of the Board of Directors of Salt Ventures until expended.