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Every organization follows a set of ABIDING PRINCIPLES that come to stand for who they are and what they represent. Sometimes they are consciously held, cherished beliefs, nurtured and celebrated in both the halls of power and down in the trenches, permeating every level of activity. Other times they develop subconsciously in response to operating conditions and community concerns, slowly taking over the personality of the group.

No matter how they come into existence or gain influence within an organization, they are always useful barometers of health and direction for the future.

Salt Ventures holds to three abiding principles that we hope define who we are and what we do: humility, loyalty, and perseverance.


Salt is never the main actor on the stage. It is commonly used either to enhance the flavor of food or preserve it for storage and future use. Salt does nothing for itself.

Just as salt is used to enhance or preserve the food we eat, so Salt Ventures members strive to enhance or preserve the communities where we live and work.

We are sinners unworthy of God’s love. Yet he has chosen to work in and through us, appointing us Ambassadors of Christ to the world. Therefore, in light of his gracious love, we endeavor to do all that we can for him.

All that we have comes from him. Therefore we boast only in Christ and his triumph over death on the cross. All that we are comes from him, and on him we depend for wisdom, strength, direction and approval as we strive to please him in every way.


We are not independent agents in the field. As messengers of the Gospel, called and sent to share the good news of Jesus Christ with those who do not yet know him, we acknowledge our responsibility to work in and through local church bodies to achieve kingdom goals.

Local leaders know more about their cultures than we do. Their ways are foreign to us, and it is often difficult for us to understand the logic of decisions they make. As a result, we place high value on loyalty as an abiding principle

-Faithful in friendship
-Steadfast in service
-Fearless under pressure
-Humble in rebuke
-Open towards instruction


Suffering is an integral part of our faith. We covenant to stand together shoulder to shoulder with our co-laborers through good times and bad, always ready to help, serve, encourage, comfort, and defend them as together we seek to fulfill the Lord’s will for his church.

Big dreams require commitment and demand sacrifice. God is not out to achieve only the small things we are certain to achieve. He is a big God, with outsized plans for his people.