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Annual Photo Collage

Thank you for helping us pass the salt in 2012…

Each January we create a collage of images to illustrate some of our activities during the previous year. See the image key below.

pass the salt 2012

Image Key:

      1. Bob and Becky as commandos on a Young Life obstacle course.
      2. Becky and Bobby at the Disc of Peace Ultimate tournament.
      3. YL Northwest Arkansas volunteers cheering in Greece.
      4. Catherine graduates from Dartmouth.
      5. Becky with some of her friends in Tran, Bulgaria.
      6. JARS teens puppet show in Vidin, Bulgaria.
      7. Bobby teaching English in Pernik, Bulgaria.
      8. Meike at the Lion of Amphipolis.
      9. Bobby with his crew at summer camp.
      10. Tony shares at Young Life camp.
      11. Bobby and one of the teens in Pernik.
      12. Bob and Becky with Gerry and Dick Walton celebrating 20 years of theological education with the St. Trivelius Institute.

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  • Bob Faber Says:
    March 11, 2020 02:46:42

    Nice photo of Bobby at the blackboard!


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