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Below you will find some basic information about the four main projects that we are involved in, The PINK Foundation, Young Life Bulgaria, St Trivelius Institute and Rockin’ English


The PINK Foundation…

…is committed to helping children at risk develop their human potential, believing all children deserve a fair chance to lead a happy, healthy and productive life.

The concept of PINK grew out of a decade of practical experience working among children at risk in communities and institutions around the Balkan region. Beginning with short term programs, we easily found ways to make small improvements in the lives of families and individuals, but most of our impact was only temporary. Over time, we realized that long term, consistent presence in the lives of kids is necessary to effect permanent, positive change.

The PINK Program is an intentional life transformation process built on long term commitment to children and youth. We start with kids as young as 3 years old, and stay with them until they reach maturity. In addition to group activities, our adult staff and volunteers set aside regular, individual time and attention for every child.


Young Life Bulgaria…

…is a non-denominational Christian organization reaching out to teens and young adults around the world. Salt Ventures works with Young Life to reach teens in the Balkan region. On a weekly basis, Young Life volunteers meet with the kids that they are investing in, building trust based friendships and relationships with them by simply being there for them and caring about their lives.

Once each month we hold a Young Life club which, following the pattern of YL clubs all over the world, is a place for kids to have fun and be kids, whilst also having the opportunity to hear the Gospel message. They sing songs, play games and hear a short talk from a speaker.

Every year Young Life Bulgaria runs camps for the kids, which is a week long event filled with fun activities for the kids and chances to develop meaningful relationships with their leaders. Here, the kids are given a chance to think about what the Gospel is and what it might mean for them, whilst having a fun and entertaining week.


St Trivelius Institute

…is a Christian school of higher education offering programs to meet the needs of individuals, local churches, and society at large.

Students come from different countries and from all walks of life. Some are current church leaders. Others are being prepared to become pastors, teachers, or other full-time Christian workers. Some are in secular employment. All of them come with a desire to learn what it means to follow Christ in our contemporary world.

Trivelius Institute programs integrate academic achievement, character development and practical ministry. The goal of the school is to produce strong leaders trained for holistic Christian living, beneficial to both Church and society.


Rockin’ English…

…is a supplemental English language program for middle schools and high schools. It uses rock and roll songs to encourage language practice, cultural exposure, and fun activities for English clubs.

Each club starts with a popular song being played, then we work through the lyrics and teach them to the kids. After this, we teach a lesson with vocabulary related to the song. It is a way to get kids engaged and invested in their own English learning, by having fun whilst studying.