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transforming lives

Transforming lives is the heart of the Salt Ventures mission in the Balkans.

The post-communist era has not been kind to the Balkan people. Rapid industrial decline, depopulation, and crumbling social institutions have resulted in difficult and stressful life situations for families and individuals throughout the region. One of the worst tragedies has been the loss of opportunity for many Balkan children to achieve their full potential.

How Salt Ventures is Transforming Lives in the Balkans

Salt Ventures is a leader in developing long term solutions for transforming lives in the Balkans. Keeping in mind our goal of earning the right to share the Gospel with our neighbors, we work long and hard to address the immediate felt needs of children and families who have fallen on tough times or who have been marginalized in society.

Our primary vehicle for touching the lives of children and families is the PINK Foundation, a Bulgarian registered charity organized for public benefit around the country. The PINK Foundation operates a life transformation program for children and families at risk, enlisting local governments, schools, churches, and civic institutions to unlock potential in the lives of children and youth. The PINK Program emphasizes five specific areas of personal development: socialization, education, health and hygiene, community service and job skills/life skills.

Community Programs Transforming Lives in the Balkans

Salt Ventures supports independent programs that offer educational opportunities to local children and youth. The BEST Foundation operates English language speech and debate tournaments in Bulgaria, transforming the lives of promising youth who gain valuable communication skills and experience. The Bulgarian national English Language Spelling Bee challenges Bulgarian students to improve their english skills as they compete for local, regional and national honors.

Transforming Lives Through Christian Outreach

Salt Ventures works through the Bulgarian Free Church to plant and nurture churches and encourage individual Christians in their personal walk with the Lord. We support local churches of all kinds who ask for our help, and were instrumental in bringing Young Life to the Balkans for ministry to teens and youth.

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