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Nurturing Local Churches

nurturing local churches

Salt Ventures is committed to nurturing local churches in the Balkans. One of the most important ways we can serve our Christian brothers and sisters is by supporting their efforts to plant, grow, and reproduce faithful local expressions of the body of Christ.

Too often when we focus on evangelism and personal disciple making, we overlook the need to nurture the local church as well. The church is God’s chosen instrument for fellowship and Christian growth, and healthy local churches are an important testimony of God’s grace, love, and action in the world.

Nurturing Local Churches in the Bulgarian Free Church

Our primary vehicle for nurturing local churches is the Bulgarian Free Church. Serving Holy Trinity Church, now an independent church in Sofia, Bulgaria, was one of our first projects as an organization when Salt Ventures was created over 10 years ago.

Today we still support the Bulgarian Free Church and its church planting efforts around Bulgaria, including congregations meeting in Vidin, Varna, Asparuhovo and Staro Oryahovo.

Nurturing Local Churches Around the Balkans

We rejoice in the opportunity to encourage local churches, minister to them and with them, and worship together as brothers and sisters in Christ. In addition to our efforts within the Bulgarian Free Church, we support local churches of all denominations, with a particular emphasis on churches located in the towns and cities where we have other work.

Over the years we have developed friendly relations with many churches around the Balkans. We do what we can to support them from time to time, without interfering in their church government or pressuring their leaders to be like us. We recognize that local contexts and cultures lead to diverse local expressions of the Christian Church, and do not consider conformity of worship style, liturgy, or service order necessary to enjoy fellowship together.

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