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Developing Leaders

developing leaders

Salt Ventures is committed to raising up the next generation of leaders for Balkan churches and in Balkan society. Developing leaders is every teacher’s goal, but more easily said than done. Successful leader development requires a large investment of time and resources.

Developing Leaders Through the St. Trivelius Institute

St. Trivelius Institute is the primary institution through which Salt Ventures works to provide training for pastors, lay leaders, and others interested in education from a Christian perspective. We provide direction, teachers, fundraising, and administrative support to the school.

About St. Trivelius Institute

St. Trivelius Institute is the largest and most diverse theological training school in Bulgaria. Built upon the legacy¬†of committed believers meeting secretly during the Communist era, the current school is the spiritual successor of the Bulgarian Biblical Academy “Logos” and the former United Theological Faculty of the Bulgarian Evangelical Theological Institute.



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