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Developing Leaders Through Theological Education

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Salt Ventures is committed to raising up the next generation of leaders for Balkan churches and society. Developing leaders is a particular challenge in this part of Europe, where years of oppression and social disruption have weakened public institutions throughout society and driven many talented individuals to seek a prosperous future somewhere else in the world.

Leadership development requires a large investment of time and resources, by qualified professionals, in order to achieve success. Salt Ventures has committed a significant portion of our attention and resources to this vital task.

Developing Leaders Through the St. Trivelius Institute

St. Trivelius Institute is the primary institution through which Salt Ventures works to provide training for pastors, lay leaders, and others interested in education from a Christian perspective. Salt Ventures provides direction, regular faculty, guest instructors, fundraising, and administrative support to the school.

About St. Trivelius Institute

St. Trivelius Institute is the largest and most diverse Protestant theological training school in Bulgaria. Built upon a heritage of committed believers meeting secretly during the Communist era, the current school is the spiritual successor of the Bulgarian Biblical Academy “Logos” and the former United Theological Faculty of the Bulgarian Evangelical Theological Institute. St. Trivelius Institute is committed to teaching from an historical, biblical Christian perspective, preparing kingdom workers to serve the church and society in Bulgaria, the Balkans, and beyond.

St. Trivelius Institute welcomes students from all walks of life to participate in its degree programs and other educational activities. Students hail from many different countries and ethnic groups. School graduates work around the world, in all sectors of society.

Offerings include multiple BA, MA, and certificate level programs with specializations for particular areas of interest and vocation. The school operates from a headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria, with satellite centers in Burgas, Varna, Stara Zagora, Sliven/Yambol, Pazardzhik, and Sandanski.

Inquiries by potential instructors are welcome. For more information about educational opportunities and events, visit St Trivelius Institute online.



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