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Building Bridges in Society

building bridges in society

Salt Ventures is building bridges in society through municipal partnerships, community service projects, programs for at risk children and youth, schools and educational institutions, church bodies, ecumenical activities, and humanitarian aid.

Building Bridges through Welcome to Bulgaria

Welcome to Bulgaria is a relocation and destination services company based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Started as an agency to support visa applicants, primarily church and other non-profit workers moving to Bulgaria, over the years it has developed into a model service sector company demonstrating good business practices, social action, and community development. Welcome to Bulgaria sponsors projects of its own, organizes projects for others, and provides human resources, equipment, and financial assistance to worthwhile projects on an ad hoc basis around Bulgaria. For more information, visit Welcome to Bulgaria online.

Building Bridges through the PINK Foundation

The PINK Foundation operates a life transformation program for children and families at risk, building bridges in society to improve prospects for children throughout the Balkans. Built upon the conviction that all children deserve a fair chance to live a happy, healthy, and productive life, the PINK Program engages whole communities to equip children and youth in five distinct disciplines: Socialization, education, health and hygiene, community service, and life skills/job skills. For more information, visit the PINK Foundation online.

Building Bridges through Worker Bee Tours

Worker Bee Tours is a specialized tour operator based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Established in 2016, Worker Bee Tours organizes volunteer travel opportunities for individuals and groups. Built on over 15 years of experience organizing and fulfilling community service projects throughout the Balkans, current offerings include volunteer opportunities serving one or two week service projects, educational activities, outdoor adventures, church programs and summer camps in Bulgaria, the Republic of Macedonia and Greece. For more information, visit Worker Bee Tours online.