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Fundraising Books for Missionaries

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Fundraising can be scary. So scary, in fact, that it is one of the major obstacles preventing otherwise serious missionary candidates from ever making it to the mission field. Fortunately there are a lot of fundraising books and other useful resources available to help missionary candidates develop a successful fundraising plan. We hope this list of fundraising books will help even the most reticent candidate gain the tools, confidence and skill to become an exemplary fundraiser for their work.

Fundraising Books for Missionaries

fundraising book nouwenA Spirituality of Fundraising

By Henri J. M. Nouwen

This small booklet explores the spiritual foundations of fundraising and the blessings that accrue to both the donor and recipient when generous giving joins people together. Nouwen approaches fundraising as an integral part of ministry through which needs and resources become the building blocks of spiritual vitality and authentic relationships.  Get it now


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Friend Raising: Building a Missionary Support Team that Lasts

By Betty Barnett

A practical how-to for the aspiring missionary. Focuses on sincerity, generosity, relationships, and communication. Includes a valuable chapter on hindrances that get in the way of effective team building. Some of the recommendations are a bit dated, but easily reimagined for our always connected world. Get it now


fundraising books morton bookcoverFunding Your Ministry:An In-Depth, Biblical Guide for Successfully Raising Personal Support

By Scott Morton

Perhaps the most important aspect of this book is its guidance about how God views ministry, missions, and finances. Provides help to overcome fear, rejection and disappointment, which is an important component on the way to support raising success. Good use of images. Includes useful bible studies in an appendix. Get it now


fundraising books missionary lettersHow to Write Missionary Letters

By Alvera Mickelson

A practical guide to writing engaging, memorable letters to describe your work. Helpful hints, instructions and advice for producing letters that connect with potential donors. The chapter on Principles to Practice is a must read and sure to benefit even the most experienced letter writers. Get it now



fundraising books people raisingPeople Raising: A Practical Guide to Raising Support

By William P. Dillon

A step-by-step manual for people ready to start the support raising process. A very useful book for first time fundraisers, especially those unfamiliar with the practical requirements and social dynamics of asking other people for money. It’s like having a personal coach at your shoulder, helping you every step along the way. Get it now


writing a winning support letter bookcoverWriting a Winning Support Letter: A Copywriter’s Secrets to Missions and Fundraising Letters that Save You Time and Increase Donations

By Mike Kim

A how-to guide for writing missionary support letters. Written by a marketing expert, this book gives you all of the guidance you need to craft an effective written campaign. A simple explanation of the strategy behind effective sales letters, combined with step by step instructions for creating a compelling letter of your own make this a great tool. A blessing for anyone who struggles with the written word. Get it now

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